Problemy ilościowej oceny prognoz ropo i gazonośności

Stanisław Depowski



At present oil and earth gas deposits make about 60 per cent of the World requirements for fuels. They are also the basic raw materials of chemical industry. Their exploitation is constantly increasing, e.g., 7 to 9 per cent per year. Evaluation of the perspective development in oil and gas exploitation in different countries and in the World up to the year 2000 and even after that time is the subject of constant interest. It is predicted that in the years 1970-2000 it will be necessary to find a few times greater resources of these mineral resources than in the previous over one hundred years period. In connection with this the methods of quantitative and qualitative evaluation of World oil and gas, as well as bituminous rocks prognostic resources are the subject of constant considerations and studies. The present methods of prognostic quantitative evaluations are inadequate. The methods of comparative geological analysis, based on complex studies of geological structure and of geological setting of oil and gas fields are of primary importance so far; additionally, various modifications of volume-statistical, volume-genetic, and balance methods, as well as statistical methods utilizing various mathematical functions are applied. Research works into optimalization of comparative geological analysis and of volume-genetic methods are considered to be of primary importance.

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