Znaczenie badań tektonicznych w kopalniach głębinowych

Wojciech Salski



The paper shows a necessity of performing detailed tectonic surveys In mines. The surveys are especially necessary in the case of deposits occurring at great depth and characterized by highly complex tectonic structure, which preclude adequate recognition on the basis of borehole data. These factors may be responsible for differences between geological interpretation and actual geological setting of a deposit. In such situation the recognition of regularities in the tectonic structure is only possible on the basis of geological data concerning fracturing and fissures faults, folds, and slikensides, gathered in the course of mining works. Current analysis of these data can make possible a more accurate reconstruction of spatial distribution of deposits and, hence, to verify the scheme of mine building and exploitation. Knowledge of the tectonic structure is also important for the solution of some engineering-geological and hydrogeological problems in mining. This is evidenced by numerous examples from copper mines in the Fore-Sudetic monocline. Moreover, tectonic deformations have a negative effect on the magnitude of loss of deposit and they result in impoverishment of ores, particularly when the mining works are highly automatized. Structural studies in mines also contribute to both the improvement of methodology of mining works and the recognition of geological structure of a tectonic unit.

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