Ujęcie wód mineralnych dla uzdrowiska w Trzebnicy (woj. wrocławskie)

Zenobiusz Płochniewski, Tadeusz Hordejuk



The drilling Trzebnica IG-1, made in 1974, was made in order to establish hydrochemical section down to the base of Triassic strata. It was planned to make an intake of mineral waters for Trzebnica health resort in the case of suitable hydrochemical conditions. The borehole reached the depth of 1350 m and it was stopped in Lower Bundsandstein rocks. Hydrogeological sampling of Muschelkalk and Bundsandstein rocks was made. The former horizon gave 9.1 m3/h of water at the depression of 26.6 m; the waters were of the SO4 – Cl - Ca - Na type with mineralization equal 3.0 g/l and with temperature of 31.7°C. The latter, Bundsandstein horizon, gave 6.0 m3/h of water at the depression of 33.0 m; the waters were of the Cl - Na - Ca, Br, B type with mineralization equal 16.3g/l and with temperature of 37.0°C. The drilling was given to be supervised by the Trzebnica health resort management. It is adjusted to exploitation of waters from Bundsandstein rocks at the depths 1077.2-1258.6 m.

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