Margle kredowe w Komprachcicach koło Opola

Stefan Witold Alexandrowicz



In the area stretching along the right bank of the Odra river, in the vicinities of Komprachcice
and Mechnice (Opole region), exposures of Upper Turonian marly clays not recorded so far were found. The deposits were previously described as marine Miocene sediments and used for production of red ceramics. On the basis of the micropaleontological studies the marly clays from Komprachcice are interpreted as the youngest lithostratigraphic link of the Prószków Beds; and in the local stratigraphic-deposits scheme they are interpreted as "series 7" of the Opole Cretaceous. Chemical composition of the clays indicates that they may be utilized in the cement industry as a raw material with low CaO content. The older Turonian lithostratigraphic link - the so-called upper clay marls known from the areas of Folwark and Bierkowice - represent the same type of raw material but with a higher Cao content. The occurrence of sediments of such type in natural exposures offers a possibility to carry out geological-prospecting works aiming at the documentation of a new deposit of clay-marly raw materials.

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