W sprawie lodowcowego pochodzenia materiału trzeciorzędowego centralnych rejonów Gór Świętokrzyskich (dyskusja)

Jerzy Liszkowski



Accepting the -paper of J. Glazer J. Kutek and L. Lindner (1976) as a starting point the author presents a somewhat more detailed discussion on the origin of marine Tertiary limestones occurring in tills and weathering covers from central parts of the Holy Cross Mts. It is admitted that there is no direct evidence for the autochtoneous nature of marine Tertiary rocks occurring in that area. The refusal of a possibility of occurrence of such autochtoneous rocks would be, however, premature as there is some indirect evidence. Subsequently, the kinematics of icesheet motion in the neigbourhood of morphological barriers is analysed in detail, taking into account recent developments in the theory of the physics of glaciers. It is found that active infilling of "inland ice oazes" by glacier lobes of the valley type from the back of the icesheet appears impossible. In the case of this region and the problem analysed the transgression of glaciers into central parts of the Holy Cross Mts from the areas of Raków and Chmielnik, that is in direction opposite to that of regional glacier transportation of active icesheet of the South-Polish Glaciation, as far as Łopuszno, that is at over 70 km distance (see Fig. 2), seems hardly probable. In the light of the physics of glaciers this hypothesis, accepted for explanation of the presence of Tertiary material in central parts of the Holy Cross Mts (J. Czarnocki 1931, J. Czarnocki and J. Samsonowicz 1915, L. Lindner 1974, J. Łyczewska 1971, S. Z. Różycki 1967, 1972) is hardly acceptable if ever. Taking the above into account the author states that Tertiary material was presumably present in central parts of the Holy Cross Mts before the onset of the South-Polish (Mindel) Glaciation. This may by an indirect evidence for autochtoneous (in a wider sense) occurrence or origin of this Tertiary material at least in the case of- some localities. The material could be dredged by the icesheet into central parts of the Holy Cross Mts only on small distance, from a few to about a dozen km at the most.

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