Działalność Instytutu Geologicznego w zakresie badań hydrogeologicznych

Cyryl Kolago



The Geological Institute has been interested in the hydrogeological problems since the first days of its activity. The scope of investigations in this sphere comprises the present day economical requirements, the themes are, however, continuously under elaboration, allowing to make some syntheses. In the last period, the following directions have become visible in the hydrogeological investigations:
1) regional elaboration — for hydrogeological un-its of various ranges. The effect of this elaboration is presented as estimation of resources.
2) cartographical works — serial maps (preliminary ones for the whole area of the country, and detailed ones for the regions selected) and special maps.
3) studies on hydrogeology of the areas of de-posits, mainly of perspective deposits, or of those being under exploitation. Moreover, the mining areas are also comprised by the two first directions of investigations.
4) study in the selected areas or at the points characteristic of the hydrogeological conditions, as f. ex. zones of springs, site of mineral water see-pages, areas of great difficulties in getting the ground waters, interesting hydrogeological bore holes a. o.
5) selected problems of general hydrogeology, investigated in the background of the selected terrains (f. ex. study on filtration, on processes of water mineralization, detection of the contacts of water-bearing horizons a. o.).
As auxiliary investigations in the above mentioned directions there are here methodical studies on application of geophysical, hydrochemical and thermal observations, and others. As concerns areas of intense exploitation of ground waters, the efforts are made to draw hydrogeological prognoses based on the continual observations.

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