Rozwój metody mikro grawimetrycznej

Zbigniew Fajklewicz



Microgravimetry, including the technique of determining tower vertical gravity gradient is a geophysical method widely used in structural, deposit, and engineering geology, in hydrogeology mining, land- and hydroconstructions, and archeology. Such a wide application of this method became possible owing to the introduction of new techniques of measuring microanomalies of gravity and of its vertical gradient, reduction of measurements taken, as well as elaboration of techniques for introducing corrections connected with specific features of the measurement site, especially when it is localized in mining works or in highly urbanized area. Theoretical works on the nature of vertical gravity gradient measured made it possible to obtain highly positive results in the recognition of small-scale tectonic or erosional forms and old mining works. The microgravimetric method, utilizing the results of research and experimental works and practical applications for industrial purposes, becomes more and more widely used abroad.

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