Mikropaleontologia w poszukiwaniu i dokumentowaniu złóż

Stefan Witold Alexandrowicz



Micropalaentology deals with studies of fossils of various groups of animals and plants of small that they have to be studied under a microscope. Facility of obtaining numerous microfossils from small core samples resulted in the introduction of micropalaentological methods into biostratigraphic analysis and correlation of borehole profiles. These methods made possible rapid developments in searching for oil and geological mapping. Introduction of qualitative, semiquantitative and quantitative techniques of direct borehole profile correlation, based on analyses of microfossils, made is possible to use forms other than guide ones for comparing beds. This is the case with eurytopic foraminifers, fragments of macrofauna, coprolites, etc. In order to obtain higher accurracy of such comparison mathematic techniques and especially numerical taxonomy are applied. The methods of correlation mentioned above make possible large-scale application of micropalaentological techniques in geological-prospecting works, facilitate recognition of mineral deposits, ores and coals, and determination of the position of aquifers. The micropalaentological studies are intensively carried out in the Laboratory of Palaeontology and Stratigraphy of the Stanisław Staszic University of Mining and Metallurgy.

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