Występowanie niektórych metali towarzyszących w złożach rud miedzi na monoklinie przedsudeckiej

Marian Banaś, Henryk Kucha, Witold Salamon



The paper presents the results of studies on the occurrence of some accessory elements in copper ores from the Fore-Sudetic Monocline. The studies were carried out in the Institute of Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Stanisław Staszic University of Mining and Metallurgy. Distribution of the minerals of: lead, zinc, cobalt, nickel, silver, gold, palladium, molybdenum and uranium in the vertical and horizontal . profile of the deposit and the forms of their development are discussed. The results of the studies on the relationship between concentration of accessory metals and l1thofacies changes are summarized. Diagrammes from Figs 1-3 show the dependence of behaviour of Pb, Zn, Co, Ni, Ag and Mo on copper. Microscopic photographs illustrate some typical examples of parageneses and the textures of minerals of these metals. The studies contribute to the knowledge of Pb, Zn, Co, Ni and Ag, and give some new data on Au, Pd, Mo and U present in the deposits. An analysis of the data obtained has shown that the accessory elements occur in three forms: /1/ as their own minerals, /2/ isomorphic admixtures in other • minerals, /3/ organometallic compounds in kerogen. The main mineral phases of these metals, their parageneses and distribution in the deposits are described. The results of studies on the occurrence of accessory elements in minerals-bearers, as well as some quantitative data characterizing this phenomenon are given. Geochemical conditions of binding of some heavy metals by organic matter are discussed. It is assumed that there is a practical possibility of utilizing some of the accessory metals.

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