Zagospodarowanie złóż kopalin użytecznych

Bolesław Krupiński



In the article, the author presents the main principles and methods of a complex development of deposits, or mine districts, comprising geological, mining, general economical, and administrative problems. These lead to a development of a deposit as a complete unit.
The inclusion of the above mentioned general problems in to a complete project of development of a deposit, or a district secures:
l ) rational determining and localizing of mining areas,
2) rational projecting of inter-mine road-system,
3) rational projecting of settlement system,
4) rational projecting of deposit surfaces, of organization and of administration, from the mining point of view.
The complex project of development of a deposit, comprising the projecting both in the time and in the space, with respect to all industries co-operating, leads, through a coordination of projecting during the time of project activity, in all branches and over the whole area, to the planned maximal development of national economy.

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