Wstępna fotointerpretacja geologiczna obrazu Landsat-1 obszaru między Wrocławiem a Poznaniem

Józef Bażynski, Julian Sokołowski



Geelogical interpretation concerns Landsat-1 image of the area between Wrocław and Poznań. The interpreted lineaments have• different length: from a few km to several hundred km. Depending on the visual clarity the lineaments were divided into several classes. They were grouped into two systems. Each system has two sets of lines crossing obliquely under an angle close to 90°. Both systems are mutually twisted which points to a movement of particular tectonic elements in the substratum. Lineament systems are consistently arranged in relation to the main structural lines. Larger lineament concentrations deserve special attention as they are the most perspective areas of occurrence of ores and other mineral raw materials. The interpretation was made possible through a synthesis of the elements of geographic environment formed also under the influence of geological-structural elements occurring at the depth down to 1.5 km. Lineament analyses of Landsat-1 image were made and compared with the existing geological maps of deeper substratum. Concordance of certain lineaments from Landsat-1 image with faults marked on substratum maps indicates that the lineaments have a casual relationship with the deeper substratum. It also indicates that it is justified to use satellite pictures for tracing regional and local structural lines in the substratum also in the area of Poland. Differentiation of dislocation lines will make it possible to analyse vertical movements of particular basement blocks and thus to conclude about migration routes of hydrocarbon, water and other elements as well as to delineate zones of possible concentration of mineral raw materials.

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