Klasyfikacja anomalii hydrogeologicznych

Aleksandra Macioszczykowa



The concepts concerning the background and hydrogeochemical anomalies are discussed and the classification of the anomalies based primarily on their origin is given. The classification is illustrated with detailed examples. All the anomalies are divided into two types: natural and anthropogenic anomalies. Two kinds of natural hydrogeochemical anomalies were distinguished: syngenetic anomalies directly related to the layer in which they occur, and epigenetic — related to the immigration of anomalous hydrochemical element from neighbouring layers. Anthropogenic hydrogeochemical anomalies were divided into: hydrodynamically induced (i.e. the case when the hydrochemical anomaly is caused by the disturbances of natural dynamic conditions in the water-bearing layer by the Man) and the anomalies related to the pollution (Table). Several examples are given and the possibilities of use of the interpretation of hydrogeochemical anomalies as an auxiliary method in solving hydrogeological, deposit, tectonic, problems as well as the problems (related to the modification and conservation of the natural environment, are given. It is concluded that the studies on the hydrogeochemical anomalies are both advisable and necessary. Moreover, the perspectives of further studies on the background and hydrogeochemical anomalies are discussed.

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