Inżyniersko-geologiczna charakterystyka lubelskiej kredy piszącej

Halina Łozińska-Stępień



The paper presents engineering-geological characteristics of the Upper Cretaceous deposits developed in the chalk facies. Two lithological types are distinguished: typical chalk yielding more that 90% of calcium carbonate and marly chalk yielding 80-90% of calcium carbonate. Mean values of physico-mechanical properties for these lithological types are given. The studies and the analysis of obtained values of the physico-mechanical properties have shown a regular change of the parameters along with depth of occurrence of rocks in chalk massif. This made it possible to establish functional dependences between these parameters and depth. Therefore it may be concluded that within deposit so weakly differentiated in mineral composition, structure and texture as the chalk studied the values of physico-mechanical properties mainly depend on the depth of occurrence of a sample within the chalk massif. This factor along with mineral composition, structure, texture and humidity have the essential influence on obtained values of parameters and reflect changes taking place already during sedimentogenesis and along with the action of dia-, litho- and epigenetic processes.

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