Występowanie chromitów w Tąpadłach

Tadeusz Birecki



Occurrence of chromites at Tąpadła in the Lower Silesia area, is genetically connected with the serpentinite rocks originated from the basic dunite-perodite magma.
On the basis of the cartographical observations made in the mine workings on the northern slope of the Czarna Góra, the author presents the geological structure of the area of chromite occurrence as well as discusses the characteristics of these chromites.
Rocks occurring round about the nests of chromites may be generally subdivided into two groups, viz.: group of the serpentinite rocks and that of the vein rocks. Depending on the weathering and transformation degree, one has distinguished three varieties of the serpentinite rocks (Figs. l 2, 3). Within the vein rocks, however, only feldspathic-quartzose aplites and lamprophyres have been observed there.
Chromites occurring in nests are developed as compact, bunchy and disseminated masses. Regularity in arrangement of these forms of chromites, occurring in nests, has not been confirmed at Tąpadła.
Directions of the longest axes of nasts are various and concentrations of greater quantity of joints are not to be seen there.

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