Jeszcze w sprawie poszukiwań rud metali

Hubert Gruszczyk



The writer pays attention to the necessity of intensifying of efforts for developing of geological prospecting thought. In this question, an important role has been assigned to the deposit geologists. On the basis of knowledge of general geological problems and recognition of deposit questions, they should aspire to the elaboration of synthetical views with reference to the possibilities of occurrence of mineral raw materials in the definite geological conditions.
For the correct preparation of the research program, a creation of a suitable team of geologists, continuously watching over the proper development of prospectings, is proposed. The paper deals also with the necessity of taking into consideration the new tendencies appearing in the geology of deposits.
This opinion is supported by some examples from the terrains of Poland showing the possibility of obtaining the raw materials effects, as a result of the other viewpoint at the several problems.
From the contents of paper results also that for the creation of right prospecting thought it is necessary to prepare the suitable climate that mainly depends upon the leading authorities of the state.

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