Polski jantar

Adam Chętnik



The amber bas been known in Poland long ago, and as so called "gold of North" has penetrated as far as to the mediterranean countries.
The amber is a fossil resin of coniferous trees having grown in the Eocene over the Sweden and Norway areas as well as on the southern shores of Baltic and North Sea. It has been used for manufacturing the various ornaments and aromatic incenses; some of its sorts have been applied for making the remedies of unusual properties.
For the "gold of North" various names were used, viz.: ambra, elektron, glessum, Brennstein, a. o. On the Polish sea-shore the term "jantar" was very widespread.
Author gives the synthesis of previous knowledges on "jantar", discusses its origin, searchings for jantar deposits and investigations of jantar-bearing earths. He describes also the classification, previous exploitation and working up of jantar in Poland as well as discusses the Polish scientific contribution to this domain.

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