Okno tektoniczne Szczawy i jej wody mineralne

Jerzy Chrząstowski



In autumn 1958, in connection with studies of the Committee for Development of Mountain Areas of the Polish Academy of Sciences, author carried out a preliminary hydrogeological study in the Szczawa area.
There occur two tectonic units in this area: the Magura unit and the Silesian one. They form a small tectonic window within the Magura nappe. The window series is represented here by both the Krosno and menilite beds (Palaeogene) showing a resemblance to the Grybów series. On these beds, rest discordantly and tectonically deposits of the Magura unit in the shape of inoceramus beds (Upper Cretaceous), hieroglyphic beds, variegated shales and marls, sub-Magura and Magura beds (Palaeogene).
The occurrence of mineral waters in the area of Szczawa is closely related to the geological structure of substratum. Waters, in the form of 13 springs flow out of the window series deposits and their contact with the Magura margin area. There are here:
1) alkali-bitter springs, chalybeate ones,
2) alkali-brine springs, iodine ones,
3) alkali-slight saline springs, sulphurous ones,
4) alkali-earthy springs, chalybeate ones and
5) sulphurous springs.
Genetically they are connected with post-petroleum relict waters secondary saturated with CO2. They present a high medical value and suggest a possibility to make at Szczawa a balneological health-resort.

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