Złoża surowców skaleniowych na Dolnym Śląsku

Stefan Kozłowski



Since 200 years the exploitation of feldspar raw materials is being carried on at Strzeblów, in the Upper Silesia area. Firstly, only kaolin was exploited and then also feldspar rock for manufacturing of porcelain, stoneware, and faience for production of abrasion disks, ceramic dyes and s. o.
Detailed geological investigations were carried out after the World War II by J. Zwierzycki and later continued by M. Benko as well as by S. Kozłowski and Z. Nurkiewicz. As a result of these works three deposits have been elaborated, viz.: Stary Łom, Pagórki Wschodnie and Pagórki Zachodnie, two last deposits yield at present the base materials for the reworking plant. Recently, there was also established that the leucocratic zone within the margin area of the Strzegom-Sobótka granite massif occurs not only at Strzeblów, but prolongs also farther to the west.
Numerous prospecting works carried out in this area have shown the considerable resources providing raw material for the ceramic industry there. With regard to the quality, the best deposit seems to be that of Pagórki Zachodnie at Strzeblów.
To increase the alkali contents, first of all, however, that of potassium oxide, the raw material of Strzeblów is being mixed with the imported feldspar. At present there are made also the investigations of home deposits being rich in the potassium oxide too.

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