Badania geologiczne a projektowanie nowych kopalń węgla kamiennego

Roman Roesler, Tadeusz Rutowski



Proper prospecting of coal mines should be accomplished with in three phases: i.e. conception project of coal area also of mine and general sketch design of mine.
Geological documentation for elaborating of a conception project of the mine area should give an image of the deposit in general outlines. Areas designed for mine constructing or for e:xploitation in far future should be recognised in detail.
General preliminary project of mine comprises eventual mine model and other factors required for elaborating of technical projects and of their realisation. It concerns in particular: documentation of deposits, optimal production and proper approaching of deposit also determining of number and altitude of exploitation levels. More detailed recognition of deposit is necessary for the initial project than for the conceptive one. It concerns in particular those parts where, in the light of conception project investment and exploitation works are expected. Determination of hydrogeological conditions and of damp content in mine is necessary. The degree of recognition of the deposit should be established with mine designer in order to cut the costs of geological investigations and to minimize the risk in mine constructing.

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