Dylematy energetyczne bełchatowskiego okręgu górniczo-energetycznego

Edawrd Ciuk



The power station Bełchatów I, using brown-coal from the open cut Bełchatów, has got the final power of 4320 MW. To get the total possibilities of the Mining- Energetistic Works Bełchatów, according the confirmed program of brown-coal mining development, the next power station Bełchatów II should be builded, working on brown-coal from the new open cut Szczerców. About 2000 year the M-E Works will excavate 48 mln Mg of brown-coal (55-60% of national production) and get the power of both stations about 5760 MW. The brown-coal from the open cut Szczerców is mainly energetistic, with small content of briquette type and tar coal. The sulphur contamination of coal will be stamped out during combustion in power station. The main machines, drains, water pipes and energy lines were placed in the open cut Szczerców. These works costed over 40 mId zloty but present-day national economic situation stopped all for more than 5 years. This pause could cause the power lack about 1440 MW to national energy net, enlarging the total energy deficit, estimated in 1990 for 2000–3000 MW, in 2000 year - for 5000–6000 MW. The expected situation will be particularly dangerous for national economy in the face of stopping other new energetistic investments. The threat of power deficit could disturb the economy development at the end of this and beginning of next century so all Szczerców investment should be continued.

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