Zagadnienie ruchów tektonicznych w czerwonym spągowcu

Paweł Henryk Karnkowski



Hitherto, in the polish papers concerning paleogeography, paleotectonics and cyclicity of sedimentation in the Rotliegendes, names of tectonic movements in the Lower Permian are connected to the Saalian phase (e.g. Early Saalian phase, Main Saalian phase, Late Saalian phase, etc.). German geologists on the basis of stratigraphic study proved that none of disconformities in the Rotliegendes can be used as the definite boundary between Autunian and Saxonian or between Lower Rotliegendes and Upper Rotliegendes, i.e. cannot be compared to Saalian phase sensu Stille (27). Disconformities, numerous stratigraphic and erosional gaps, volcanic activities and cyclicity of clastic sedimentation show the multitude tectonic events in the Rotliegendes (e.g. Fig., Tab.). Thus, it is better to talk about the Saalian movements. But this qualification poses the following questions: 1) Are the Saalian movements active during the whole Rotliegendes? 2) Are the Saalian movements active only in the Middle part of Rotliegendes, in the Lower part one can distinguish the Fraenkian movements and in the Upper part - Brachwitzian movements? Polish geologic tradition inclines rather to distinguishing only the Saalian movements in the whole Rotliegendes. Resolution of the nature and classification of the Rotliegend tectonic movements may happen only in the further discussion between the geologists from Central and Western Europe.

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