Interglacjał mazowiecki w Jamnie k. Łowicza

Marek Brzeziński, Zofia Janczyk-Kopikowa



The Mazovian Interglacial in Jamno is located on the northeastern slope of the Kujawy Swell within the tectonic graben Śleszyn - Bocheń and is the only one of this age in western Mazowsze. The Quaternary and older sediments of the Jamno section (Fig. 2) were subjected to pollen and lithologic-petrographic analyses. At Jamno fluvial sediments were noted, being of the Great Interglacial age in the facies distinguished by S.Z. Różycki (13, 14). They form three sequences - sedimentary cycles. Warmer lower parts and cooler upper parts of the sequence were distinguished. The upper part of the second sequence contains organic sediments that were pollen-analyzed. Resulting succession was typical for the Mazovian Interglacial. Development of vegetation at Jamno (Fig. 4) starts with tundra. Forests are initiated during the period I, being the boreal ones. The period n is characteristic for its high content of Picea and Alnus. During the period III there is common Abies, accompanied by Corpinus, Quercus, Ulmus and Tilia are rare. Presence of Pterocarya, Buxus, Celtis and Vitis are remarkable. Sediments of the Great Interglacial near Jamno are overlain by three glacial horizons of the Liwiec (7), Odra and Warta glaciations, separated with glaciofluvial series. In the Jamno borehole there are glaciofluvial sediments of the Liwiec (?) Glaciation retreat phase, recognized in the whole studied area as the buried outwash series.

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