Koncepcja monitoringu wód podziemnych

Tadeusz Błaszyk, Józef Górski, Tadeusz Hordejuk, Zenobiusz Płochniewski



Conception of monitoring of the quality of underground waters has been presented for the country. It predicts that observation of the quality of underground waters and deep waters will be performed in the bench-mark and datum network in the frame of the Environmental State Monitoring (ESM) and as well as in regional and local networks organized by local authorities and/ or the owners of facilities being a threat for quality of groundwaters. In the first stage of organisation of the whole country network following wells will be used: observation wells of the State Geological Institute, municipal and industrial boreholes, dug observation wells of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Administration. Finally, new boreholes uptaking ground and deep waters will be performed. Attention was paid for the need of monitoring organisation in close-to border areas, especially in the south of the country. The results of observation will be gathered in State Survey for Protection of the Environment and in State Geological Institute which will be taking a part of coordinator of Environmental State Monitoring in the sphere of underground waters. Interpretation of the results will be conducted statistically and cartographically with consideration of all the factors which influence the quality of the waters. Complementary data will be obtained from other monitoring lines of ESM. It is assumed that the results of investigation will be widely used by state administration and self-governments and to inform the society about the quality of groundwaters.