Nowe dane do palinologii triasu Tatr

Anna Fijałkowska, Alfred Uchman




Four assemblages of microflora were distinguished in the Triassic deposits in the main units in the Tatra Mts., Poland (ry. 1). The assemblage I (Werfenian, Lower Sub-Tatric series) is dominated by spores of Densoisporites, including index D. nejburgii. Commonly occurring Endosporites papillatus, Cyclotriletes oligogranifer, C. microgranifer and Punctatisporites triassicus as well as disaccate pollen with Lunatisporites, Protohaploxypinus and Klausipollenites. Relatively common Cycadopites follicularis and Gnetacaepollenites sp. occur. This miospore assemblage refers to the Lt-2 palynological phase in Western and Southern Europe, to the sub-zone Densoisporites nejburgii of the zone D. nejburgii occurring in the middle Bunter series in the Polish Lowland and to the megaspore assemblage Trileites polonicus from the Werfenian deposits in Lower Sub-Tatric and High-Tatric series in Polish Tatra Mts. (5, 7, 22). The assemblage Il (Lower Ladinian, Partnach beds, Upper Sub-Tatric (Strazov) series) (16, 17) is dominated by pollen of Ovalipollis and Lunatisporites. Numerous Tsugapollenites including index taxa T. oriens which hitherto is belived to be endemic form in the German Basin (5), as well as representatives of Angustisulcites, Alisporites, Microcahryidites, Triadispora and Cycadopites. This assemblage is typical of the German Basin, and probably refers to the zone Tsugapollenites oriens in the Muschelkalk in the Polish Lowland. The assemblage III (Keuper in the Lower Sub-Tatric series) is dominated by pollen of Ovalipollis and Corollina including index C. meyeriana. Less common are: Aratrisporites, Todisporites, Partitisporites and Leschikisporis. This assemblage is correlated with the lower part of the zone Corollina meyeriana in the Upper Keuper in the Polish Lowland. The assemblage IV (Norian-Rhaetian, Tomanowa beds, High-Tatric series, and Rhaetian deposits in the Lower Sub-Tatric series) is dominated by Corollina with C. meyeriana, C. zwolinskai and C. torosus. Commonly occurring pollen of Ovalipollis, Eucommiidites with E. major, Granuloperculatipollis as well as single Lunatisporites (L. rhaeticus) , Cedripites and Monosulcites are present. This assemblage refers to miospores in the upper part of the Tomanowa beds in the Slovakian Tatras (19), and to upper part of the zone Corollina meyeriana in the Lower Rhaetian in Polish Lowland (20, 22). Stronger similarity of the described assemblages to those from the German Basin than to the Alpine one (4, 24) is their characteristic feature.