Cykliczność sedymentacji - sedymentacja cykliczna - cykle sedymentacyjne

Henryk Karnkowski



The cyclicity of sedimentation is a phenomenon of vertical sequence of sedimentary rocks which occurs many times in a succession, and which denotes a repetition of sedimentary events in a more or less constant order. Cyclic sedimentation, however, it is a process of formation of the sediments which reflects cyclicity of sedimentation. On the basis of both above notions the sedimentary cycles are created (fig.). Using only the cyclicity of sedimentation criteria the litho- and allostratigraphic units are stated. Analyzing process of sedimentation, i.e. with regard to genetic aspect, one can determine sequence stratigraphy, climatostratigraphy, tectonostratigraphy or genetic stratigraphy. To stress connection between the descriptive stratigraphic divisions and the geological processes they reflect, we speak of dynamic stratigraphy.