Redeponowane osady w basenach ewaporatowych

Andrzej Ślączka




Redeposition phenonmena are related to final phases of evaporite cycles prior to their termination as was observed in foreland basins of the Carpathians and Pyrenees, the post-tectonic Ciminna Basin in Sicily and the Permian basins of the Harz Mts, Central Poland and the Alps (Haselgebirge complex). Due to these processes a part of previously deposited halite, potash and/or gypsum underwent redeposition toward deeper parts of the basin. The phenomenon is first of all related to evaporate basins adjacent to orogens. The cause of redeposition was probably an increased activity of tectonic movements and related earthquakes. The final effect of the movements was a decline of conditions favouring evaporite deposition because of deepening of a basin and its connection to open sea (Miocene of the Carpathian Foreland basin, Permian basins) or its shallowing resulting in a basin decline and development of continental conditions (Pyrenean Foreland Basin).