Uwagi o tektonice utworów dewońskich synkliny gałęzickiej

Grzegorz Racki, Tomasz Zapaśnik



A zone of complex tectonic deformations of Upper Devonian rocks developed in facies typical of southern part of the Holy Cross Mts was found in a new Jaźwica quarry (Fig. 1). Eastern wall of the quarry displays horizontal overthrust with amplitude of at least 150 m, along which marly Upper Famennian rocks contact with various links of the Frasnian and lowermost Famennian, thrusted over them from the south (Fig. 3). The quarry walls also display second-order overthrusts and fault zones and numerous fold structures (Figs. 4-5), including the overturn fold shown on the cover.
The tectonic features d.isplayed by the Jaźwica quarry are related to an almost latitudinal overthrust zone continuing along a marked part of southern limb of the Gałęzice syncline. The age of that zone and direction of tectonic transport of the whole structure are still disputable. The Gałęzice syncline is asymmetric in result of differentiation in lithology of Devonian rocks building it as well as differences in tectonic activity of framing areas. The relationship between the tectonics and lithology of the Holy Cross Mts Devonian is clear. The symmetric facies distribution of Devonian rocks of this region is, therefore, consistent with symmetrical pattern of their tectonic style, and the axis of symmetry, Dyminy anticline, is the same in both cases. Overthtust zones present in some places in the Holy Cross Mts, presumably represent phenomena genetically related to vertical tectonic fractures originally delineating facies regions and, at the same time, representing boundaries of higher-order structural units.

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