Głębokie wiercenie badawcze Toruń-1

Piotr Karnkowski, Mieczysław Jastrząb, Jan Kaczyński



The aims and results of deep research borehole Toruń-l, drilled to the depth of 5904 m at south-western margin of the East-European Precambrian Platform (Fig. 1), are discussed. The lithological-stratigraphic column of the borehole is given and the recorded traces of hydrocarbons and reservoir properties of individual stratigraphic series penetrated by the borehole are discussed. Moreover, a geological section through the area of the borehole is given.
The obtained results especially the record of folded Upper Ordovician and Lower Llandoverian rocks at depths of 5235-5904 m (dipping at the angle of 80°-90°) give further support to the inferred course of the Caledonides along the margin of the East-European Platform.

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