O rozłamie górnośląskim

Ewa Herbich



En echelon domes (Siodło Główne brachyanticlines) of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin are interpreted as the zone of brachyanticlines caused by sinistral wrenching along a fault in deep-seated Precambrian basement – WNW-ESE oriented Górnośląski fault (deep fracture). Sinistral wrenching movement along that fault resulted in origin of derivative shearing stresses in the sedimentary cover, leading to origin of the above mentioned en echelon oriented domes (Siodło Główne) (Fig. 2). The situation in the zone of the Górnośląski fault (deep fracture) closely resembles that in other zones of wrench-fault related anticlines described in the literature (e.g., 11). The presence of tectonic discontinuity in deep basement of central part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin is also shown by extinction and branching of faults into lower-order ones in the proximity of that deep fracture (Fig. 4). The line of the Górnośląski fault (deep fracture), as interpreted here, coincides with the Opole - Nowy Sącz lineament traced in satellite photos (19) as well as with the course of photolineament traced in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (2). It is worth to note that recent crustal movements recorded in that area (9-10, 13-14, 18, 22) suggest recent activity of the fault.

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