Nowe złoże ropy naftowej pod Karlinem

Piotr Karnkowski, Bogumił Sikorski, Mieczysław Solak



The paper presents general characteristics of geological structure and perspective series occurring in the Karlino area, based on borehole data. The aspects of lithofacies and thickness changes in the Main Dolomite horizons are discussed in detail. There are given the results of seismic surveys and seismological characteristics of that area, which form the basis for further geological works. At the background of an outline of the concept of search in the Karlino region, the results of the first of seven projected drillings, Daszewo-1, and eruption of oil and gas at that drilling are discussed.
The major steps in the rescue action aimed to subdue the fire and eruption are presented along with the course of subsequent trial exploitation and further works connected with reconstruction of the borehole and recognition of the oil-gas deposit. The current knowledge of the Daszewo deposit is discussed and the characteristics of oil and gas and the premises for genetic relation of the oil to Carboniferous - Devonian rocks are given. At the basis of the present knowledge of the area, the directions in its further surveys are outlined.
The recorded outflow of oil and the results of geological studies suggest that the deposit is connected with barrier reef zone of the Main Dolomite (Zechstein). The rocks may be strongly fractured which made it possible for oil to migrate from underlaying Devonian and Carboniferous rocks. This is supported by the results of geochemical studies on isoprens.
The search programme discussed in this paper involves drilling of 21 exploratory boreholes.

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