Pozycja stratygraficzna warstw z Kotowic

Kazimierz Piekarski, Bronisław Szymański



The paper presents evolution of views on age of rock sequences forming Caledonian structural stage at NE margin of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin. A special attention is paid to the question of age of the Kotowice Beds, encountered in a number of drillings of the Geological Institute in the years 1972-1979. Poorly preserved fragments of rhabdosomes of graptolites and remains of brachiopods. bivalves and cephalopods were recently found in core material from two of these boreholes, 41 Ż and 31 KW (Fig. 1). The drilling 41 Ż penetrated Triassic LO enter grey-green shales yielding Bohemograptus bohemicus (Barr.), Bohemograptus bohemicus tenuis (Boucek) and Pristiograptus aff. dubis (Suess) and other fossils in core material from the interval 250.9 -280.5 m. The identified graptolite assemblage generally indicates Middle Ludlovian age of the rocks. In turn, in sequence of grey shales encountered at depth of 533.0 m in the drilling 31 KW there was found Pristiograptus aff. dubius (Suess), the stratigraphic range of which comprises Wenlockian-Ludlovian.

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