Propozycja zasad gospodarowania i kontroli wykorzystywania zasobów wód podziemnych

Stanisław Turek



An appropriate management of groundwater requires the knowledge of conditions of its occurrence, resources, quality and the current use. That is why a system of storage of hydrogeological drilling data has been created, a country stationary network for observation of ordinary groundwater in used aquifers is being organized, and a project of recording groundwater pollution is designed. However, no system of information on groundwater resources and their use has been designed up to the present.
Groundwater resources are usually calculated for individual intakes and regions. In the former case, calculations are being made for single intake points or their sets. Regions for which such calculations are being made include those delineated with reference to geological boundaries, surface or underground watersheds, as well as those differentiated in economic or administrative subdivisions. The concept of groundwater resources should be restricted to groundwater suitable for economic use and accumulated not due to the Man activity but natural processes.
Moreover, the calculations should not be made for intakes but regions only. In the former case, the calculations should be restricted to the output, making distinction between water coming from groundwater resources and that from enforced percolation, artificial supply, etc. There arises a need to create a central record of groundwater resources and their use. Such record may be based on coming information on proven resources and consumption of groundwater in the whole area of the country.

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