Polskie badania geologiczne w zachodniej Antarktyce (1979-1980)

Antoni K. Tokarski, Andrzej Paulo, Zbigniew Rubinowski



The paper relates geological investigations carried out during the austral summer of 1979-80 on King George Island, South Shetland Islands (West Antarctica) under the guidance of the first author. The main problems elaborated and the preliminary results of the field work are as follows.
1. The geological mapping to a scale of 1 : 50 000 covered an area of some 200 km2 round King George Bay and to the west of Admirality Bay (fig. 1 ). Two of her geological maps, to scale 1: 10 000 and 1: 35 000 were made of selected areas of the island (figs 2, 5) for special purposes.
2. Tectonics of Arctowski Mountains - figs 3, 4 (King George Bay) was studied and collection of data for regional study of mesostructures in Tertiary rocks was completed.
3. New localities of Polonez Glaciation tillites (Pliocene) were found.
4. Vast area of copper porphyry mineralization in Arctowski Mountains was discovered and studied (fig. 6).
5. Pyrite mineralization was detaily studied on Keller Peninsula (Admiralty Bay).
6. Zeolite mineralization was investigated in Tertiary rocks (fig. 7).
7. New localities of „Jurassic" and Tertiary plant fossils and of Pliocene marine fauna were discovered.

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