„Obraz falowy charakteryzujący skonsolidowany kompleks skorupy Ziemi

Tadeusz Krynicki



The paper presents results of studies carried out with the use of method of waves reflected from boundaries in consolidated complex of the Earth crust, in zone in front of critical point. A special attention was paid to the recorded wave image and both intensity of record and frequency of occurrence of reflected waves were analysed. Attention was also paid to the question of identification of zones of tectonic disturbances (and fractures) in seismic profiles.
The analysis of wave image made possible identification of complexes characterized by similarity of seismic record in the surveyed regions. A change in number and thickness of the identified complexes indicates differences in distribution of elastic properties of the Earth crust in areas covered by reflection surveys, Zones of deterioration in quality of reflection data should be regarded as related to tectonic disturbances. An increase in frequency of faults and fractures is recorded in areas of contact of major geological units. The analysis of wave image made it possible to find relations between structure of the consolidated complex of the Earth crust and its sedimentary cover. The relations concern course of tectonic zones and changes in thickness and even distribution of Mesozoic and Paleozoic rocks. This makes it necessary to extend the range of reflections surveys to cover the boundaries in pre-Permian sedimentary cover and those in the consolidated complex of the Earth crust. Seismic profiles comprising so wide depth interval should markedly facilitate choosing directions in further geological prospecting works.

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