Badania geologiczno-inżynierskie Lubelskiego Zagłębia Węglowego w latach 1964-1984

Aleksander Błaszczak, Janusz Stochlak



The paper presents first attempt of a retrospect of surveys of geological-engineering conditions in the new coal basin. There are discussed results of studies on coal-bearing Carboniferous series and overlaying ones, except for strata occurring in the subsurface zone. The source materials for further geological-engineering studies in the Lublin Coal Basin include relevant geological reports concerning individual perspective areas and drillings made in connection with designs of mine shafts as well as The Catalogue of Physico-mechanical Properties of Rocks in the Central Coal Region, Lublin Coal Basin.
Three stages in the above surveys are differentiated and characterized. First documentation reports, compiled in the years 1971-1974, have marked out some models of approach to geological-engineering conditions in the Carboniferous and overlaying series in the coal basin. The studies were especially intense in the years 1974-1982, when they began to be carried out by enterprises and research institutions from Lublin. Documentation reports for mining areas K-4 and K-5 have been the first ones to include results of studies on several new elements, e.g. classes of fall roofs, categories of bearing capacity of floor, suppleness of Carboniferous rocks to scouring, and geothermal conditions. The surveys on geotechnical properties of Carboniferous and younger rocks on the basis of samples from shafts began in 1976, and on the basis of samples from horizontal mining works - in 1980. The works on the above mentioned Catalogue of Physico-mechanical Properties… were initiated in 1977 and supplements to this catalogue have been compiled each year. These works have been carried out by the Lublin branch of the Main Mining Institute (abbr. GIG OTL).
A large part of the above discussed studies have been carried out within the frame of the leading research project 01.6 in the years 1976-1980, to be continued thereafter within the frame of the ministry research project 120. The geological-engineering documentation for the whole Central Coal Region in the Polish mining category C1 has been completed by the end of 1981. The latest stage in the surveys was connected with compilation of a synthesis of geological and mining studies in the Lublin Coal Basin, including subdivision of the basin into some new mining regions, by the group of experts of the Association of Mining Engineers and Technicians in the end of 1983.
The major achievements in geological-engineering surveys, especially those concerning documentations and solving problems encountered in mining works (e.g. those of stabilization of mining works under conditions of floor upheaval), are discussed. Still rather innumerous publications dealing with these questions are listed and characterized. Attention is drawn to disadvantageous, marked predominance of studies utilitary in character. There is noted a lack of studies which would synthetize the wealth of data on geotechnical properties of Carboniferous and overlaying strata. Final part of the paper presents major directions in geological-engineering studies under new conditions of recognition and investments in the Lublin Coal Basin.

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