Osady trzeciorzędowe w Radawcu koło Lublina

Marian Harasimiuk, Andrzej Henkiel



Sandy and sandy-clay sediments with brown coal have been encountered in a few drillings at Rejowiec near Lublin (north-western part of the Lublin Upland). The sediments occur in a zone up to 1.5 km wide and NNW - SSE oriented and delineated by a dislocation in the west. The sediments with brown coal intercalations are up to 60 m in thickness. They are dated at the uppermost Miocene and Lower Pliocene (Poznań Series) on the basis of results of analyses of heavy minerals and analogies in lithology. Major components of heavy mineral assemblage include tourmaline (up to 37%) and zircon (up to 31). The shares of rutile and distene are also very high (up to 26% and 20%, respectively) whereas that of garnets is negligible (below 1%) which appears highly characteristic for the assemblage. The sediments display features of a continental (river and swampy) environment.
The sediments with brown coal are underlain by glauconitic sandstones with fragments of Paleocene limestones and Upper Cretaceous opokas, most possibly of the Upper Eocene age.

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