Metodyka badań tektonicznych polskich złóż siarki

Zofia Krysiak



Since 1975, the tectonic studies on Polish sulfur deposits were carried out by the Department of Geology of Chemical Raw Material Deposits of the Geological Institute, Warsaw, using remote sensing methods (i.e. interpretation of air photos and radar and satellite imagery) and direct observations and mesostructural surveys of outcrops and core material. The interpretation of air photos and some satellite imagery of areas of the formerly exploited sulfur deposits in western part of the Carpathian Foredeep (Swoszowice, Posądza, Czarkowy) and those exploited at present in the eastern part (Tarnobrzeg region) appeared highly useful for identification of fault pattern and, in some cases, tracing geological boundaries.
Mesostructural studies of the Machów mine sections and preliminary surveys of the selected core material made it possible to determine nature of deep dislocations and variability of individual structures in the vertical.
The use of remote sensing and mesostructural methods made it possible to precise the fault pattern reconstructed on the basis of correlations of borehole and geophysical data, and in some cases to correct the course of individual dislocations.
The above mentioned methods of studies appeared highly advantageous, enabling accurate reconstructions of spatial orientation of medium-size structures - blocks from about a dozen to some tens meters wide. Such structures are bounded by faults usually characterized by minor downthrow and, therefore, practically impossible to trace by classic methods. Depending on the tectonic setting, they became either tectonic traps (and, therefore, deposit areas) or barren areas.
The hitherto made observations and mesostructural studies and remote sensing contributed to the knowledge of the dynamics of the recorded fault pattern and evaluation of influence of the three tectonic phases differentiated in that region on the deposit-forming processes. The studies currently carried out involve the use of radar imagery and various kinds of satellite photos.

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