Litostratygrafia w profilach wiertniczych - doświadczenia i perspektywy

Ryszard Dadlez



The paper presents a short review of the procedure of establishing the formal lithostratigraphic units in Polish borehole sequences (see list of references) in the years 1975-1985 which followed the publication of the national "Principles of the stratigraphic classification, terminology and nomenclature". The progress of these works is insufficient. According to the author's opinion they should be accelerated, stimulated and aimed at the creation of a uniform lithostratigraphic scheme comprising all the rock bodies of the successive Phanerozoic basins.
Some general problems appearing during the procedure are also discussed. The first is the relation between the geophysical logs and cored intervals. The second is the accurate definition of the geometry and extent of the lithostratigraphic units. The broader usage of composite stratotypes and of hypostratotypes, as well as the much richer illustration (maps, profiles, cross-sections) are essential in case of subsurface units. The proposed formal unit should be presented on the background of the whole series, both in the area of full development and in the marginal zones with various degree of reduction. The last problem discussed is the storage of rock samples, and of geological and geophysical logs concerning the stratotypes.

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