Mikromorfometria brekcji księżycowych

Barbara Grabowska-Olszewska, Marek Żbik



The paper presents results of micromorphometric studies on two fragments of Lunar breccias: one from upland areas (taken by the automatic cosmic station Luna 20) and the other - from the Mare Fecunditatis (taken by the Luna 16). The studies involved micromorphometric analysis of pore space in the samples with the use of SEM, and automatic image analysis with the use of the apparatus Hitachi S-800/Iskra 226. Moreover, several parameters of pore space in the breccia samples were determined. The micromorphometric analysis of the two fragments of Lunar breccias showed fairly high homogeneity of detrital material in continental breccias, and structural. immaturity of regolith breccia from the Mare Fecunditatis.

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