Kambr – dokonania i problem

Stanisław Orłowski



Large progress in stratigraphy of the Cambrian System was made in the last period thanks to the efforts of the Subcommission on the Cambrian Stratigraphy and the Working Group on the Precambrian-Cambrian Boundry. The most important decisions of these scientific organizations are: - choice of Precambrian-Cambrian Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) at Fortune Head, Eastern Newfoundland, Canada - Cambrian stage subdivision. The results of these decisions very important for global and regional stratigraphy are briefly discussed. According to mentioned decisions the history of research of the Cambrian sequence in the Holy Cross Mountains, its lithology and lithostratigraphy, its paleontology and biostratigraphy, are described. The level of stratigraphic documentation is not equal for each Formation. The need of further research in the future is out of discussion. The main problems of research of the Cambrian System here are: - progress in the modern sedimentology of the Cambrian sequence as a part of the Paleozoic basin of the Holy Cross Mountains;
- establishing of the acritarchs biostratigraphic scheme for whole Cambrian sequence;
- need of stratigraphic synthesis for the Cambrian System of whole Poland;
- regular scientific sessions concerning the geology of Cambrian System in Poland.

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