Problematyka hydrogeotermiczna regionu sudeckiego

Jan Dowgiałło



While considering the hydrogeothermal conditions of the Sudetic region, geological criteria have been taken into account. Thus, the notion of the Sudetic region includes both the Sudetes and the fore-Sudetic block. The insufficiency of data concerning the heat flow distribution, the occurrence of geothermal resources and the possibilities of their use have been pointed out.
A review of research work done since 1976 when a synthetic paper of the present author was published, shows that there is much interest in the problem, although a comprehensive research programme does not exist as yet. New discoveries of thermal waters (Jeleniów, Turoszów, Grabin) are rather fortuitous, than due to methodical exploration.
Except the Karkonosze - Izera block, the Lądek - Śnieżnik massif and some areas of the fore-Sudetic block, the intra-Sudetic trough should be considered as one of the areas in which exploration might be successful. This is suggested among others by the lack of surface traces of Tertiary basaltic volcanism, the presence of the assumed Duszniki geothermal anomaly in the immediate neighbourhood of the trough, the occurrence of CO2-rich groundwaters and the analogies with the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin within which the Tyniste n. Orlica geothermal anomaly was f o und.
The role of Variscan granitoids and of their radiogenic heat generation is stressed. High uranium and thorium content in granites of the Karkonosze massif suggests, that besides thermal waters, heat extraction by means of the HDR (hot dry rock) method could be considered here.

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