Kaolin z Gierałcic koło Nysy

Maciej Budkiewicz, Mieczysław Budkiewicz, Wiesław Heflik



A very interesting occurrence of kaolin at Gierałcice near Nysa is discussed. The kaolin is characterized by technological parameters markedly different of those of kaolin raw materials from numerous and well known deposits in the Lower Silesian region. Field and mineralogical- petrographic studies of rocks from the Gierałcice area and the well-known ones from the neighbouring Nowy Świętów revealed complexity of petrogenetic proccesses developing in them. The Authors present results of preliminary mineralogical and technological studies which showed advantageous technological properties of the studied kaolin. Advantageous geological setting and the inferred large size of the deposit along with the growing demand of the Polish industry for that raw material should justify initiation of detailed geological-prospecting works in the Gierałcice area.

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