Jura Alp Południowych

Józef Wieczorek



The paper presents the Jurassic deposits of all paleogeographic zones distinguished in the Southern Alps i.e. in the Lombard Basin, on the Trent Plateau, in the Belluno Graben, on the Friuli Platform and in the Julian (Slovenian) Graben. Significance of studies of the Jurassic of the Southern Alps was underlined for defining the model of development of the passive shores of the Tethys. Stipulations were presented on a comparison of the Belluno Graben with the present TOTO (Tongue of the Ocean) of the Bahama region.
A development of the Jurassic in the Southern Alps was underlined to have been influenced not only by tectonic events connected with transformations of the Tethys but also by oceanographic events, changes of CCD and others. Some similarities were underlined in development of the Jurassic of the Southern Alps and the Inner Carpathians (Tatra Mts, Pieniny Klippen Belt).

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