Jednostki litostratygraficzne jury i kredy Tatr - komentarz krytyczny

Józef Wieczorek



The differentiation of Jurassic and Cretaceous lithostratigraphic units in the Tatra Mts may be treated as an example of introduction of "The principles of Polish stratigraphic classification". This formanzation is here critically analysed with reference to principles of differentiation of lithostratigraphic units in the Alpides. The use of the Pieniny names in the Tatra Mts, especially in the case of units differing in development (as e.g. Pieniny Limestone Formation or Krupianka Limestone Formation) is treated with reservation. The differentiation of the Dunajec Group in the Tatra Mts appears unfounded. Similar is the case of assigning various lithological sequences - spongiolites and crinoid and red limestones - in a single Buciska Limestone Formation as the sequences may be better treated as separate formations. Reservation is also made with reference to justification of formalization of the Choc Jurassic sequence in the Tatra Mts as the Miętusia Limestone Formation with several members. Better profiles of both the Choc Jurassic and Krizna Lower Cretaceous (differentiated as the Kościeliska Marl Formation) are known in Slovakia and stratotypes for these units should be selected in the latter area . Moreover, the subdivision of the Raptawicka Turnia Limestone Formation should be supplemented by differentiation of members.
It is stated that principles of formalization should be established in cooperation with geologists from the neighboring countries, especially Slovakia, in order to avoid multiplication of names by naming parts of units separated by state boundary. The formalization should be aimed at obtaining more precise definition of mappable lithostratigraphic units and not giving new names for not always sufficiently known sequences.

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