Zasady wydzielania jednostek surowcowych

Krystyna Wyrwicka, Stefan Kozłowski



Classifying of rocky raw materials under industrial categories should be based upon the results of regional exploration. The alternative areas thus proposed (with calculated prospective resources) are then explored to select a proper area for documentation of deposit and for location of the mining plant.
In the regional scale prospective resources are calculated basing on the lithostratigraphic scheme. The following units belong to the formal lithostratigraphic subdivision: group, formation, member and bed. But the above units do not exactly meet the qualitative requirements which are necessary to complete estimation of kind, quality and usefulness of rocks which occur in a lithostratigraphic formation of a relatively large geologic structure.
Thus it became necessary to define strictly raw material units which would correspond with the lithostratigraphic ones. The following three categories of raw material units have been n proposed:
- series - an equivalent of lithostratigraphic "formation"
- complex - a class of beds belonging to a sedimentary cycle
- set - composed of one or more complexes of similar usefulness.
A detailed column and a lithologic map of a given stratigraphic system could be the basis for delimitation of series and complexes while the qualitative changes compared with the industrial requirements delimit raw material sets. Prospective resources of rocky raw materials should be established according to the defined raw material units shown in the column and maps.

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