The youngest members of the folded Miocene in the Andrychów region (Southern Poland)

Antoni Wójcik, Małgorzata Jugowiec


Deposits of the folded Miocene appear in the surrounding of Andrychów. In the profile of the sediments occurring here, clays with gravels and boulders, mainly flysch ones, clays with gravels of crystalline rocks, limestones and flysch deposits, dark clays with organic detritus and large flysch olistoliths as well as sandy clays and sands are distinguished. The youngest deposits, developed as gray clays, sandy clays with an irregular and thin sandy inter-Iamination, have been identified in the Bulówka stream. Based on the presence of C. coalithus and C. cf calyculus the age of the studied deposits has been determined as the nannoplankton zone NN9a/8 that corresponds to the Lower Pannonian in a stratigraphic division for Central Paratethys.

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