The Paleogene of the Podhale Basin (Polish Inner Carpathians) - micropaleontological perspective

Barbara Wiktoria Olszewska, Józef Wieczorek


Recent investigations of the calcareous nannoplankton, small foraminifera and dinoflagelIata has thrown additional light on the age and environment of deposition of the Paleogene deposits of the Podhale Basin. Large and small foraminifera indicate for the Nummulite Eocene Bartonian-early Priabonian age and accumulation in different ernvironments of the shallow carbonate platform. Planktic foraminifera from the uppermost slope grey marls indicate P 15-P 16 zone while calcareous nannoplankton data are inconsistent indicating NP 16-NP 17 or 19/20 coccolith zones. The turbidite deposits of the Podhale flysch accumulated predominately during the Oligocene.

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