Problemy geologiczne w zrównoważonym świecie

Stefan Kozłowski



Two principal processes determining the Earth surface evolution were discussed: the evolutionary, gradual changes and the rapid, catastrophic ones, initiating the mass extinctions of species. The balanced development refers firstly to all periods between the giant planetary catastrophes, but it should be also noted that since Cambrian air temperature and composition as well as oceans reserves remained surprisingle stable, which determined the balanced development. Earth sciences try to answer many fundamental questions such as: when the magnetic field will change, should we expect a global cooling or warming in the future, what are the causes of present warming trend, what will be the future sea level and whether a global flood may happen again or whether the Earth could avoid the cosmic collisions. The new research areas oriented at the geosphere and geodiversity as well as at protection of geological heritage were presented. Study of natural environment deserves the same status as other sciences and the passing a new geological law isurgent.

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