Datowanie meteorytów kamiennych metodą potasowo-argonową

Piotr Mackiewicz, Stanisław Hałas


We have determined the K/Ar dates of the six stone meteorites: Baszkówka, Norton County, Dimmitt, Pułtusk, Chico Hills and Point of Rocks. We have obtained very precisely K content by isotope dilution mass spectrometry – max. relative error was 2% in the case of Norton County, in which the lowest %K was encountered. We have determined content of 40Ar by static vacuum mass spectrometry. The total argon released was treated as radiogenic argon, because the atmospheric argon was released by heating samples in 150°C and pumping off over a few hours. The obtained dates of stone meteorites varied from 1.28 to 3.91 Ga. The oldest dates are younger than the age of the Solar System by about 0.5 Ga, likely because we did not release all the radiogenic argon.

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