Fauna utworów cechsztyńskich w północnej części monokliny przedsudeckiej

Jerzy Kłapciński, Leszek Karwowski


This paper deals with 8 joints sets cutting Hercynian granitoids of the Kudowa-Olesnice massif. Examined were tectoglyphs, statistical orientation of joint surfaces, and joint pattern. Individual joint sets were featured and their geometrical interrelationships described. Metamorphic rocks of the roof pendants and metamorphic rocks of the massif envelope recorded the same sets of joints and kink folds. Joints in the granitoids any joints in the country rocks display identical spatial orientation, though they differ in their density, frequency, persistence as well as average length and average spacing. These observations considered in the light of previous structural and petrotectonic investigations, allowed to conclude that the small, flat-lying body of the Kudowa-Olesnice granitoids had been formed before the two last deformational phases recognized in rocks enveloping the massif. Thus during the two youngest episodes of regional deformations, both the massif and its cover were affected by the same stresses and yielded in common through the development of similar brittle structures.


Fauna utworów cechsztyńskich

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